Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Why I want to take photos:

Since I owned my first camera at age 12 (which was an el cheapo from chuck e. cheese's) taking pictures was so much fun for me. As I kept on taking photos most were of friends and family members, which made great pictures for my photo albums. By this time I finally had a better film camera. I take photographs to remember that moment in my life and the feeling at that time with the people that surrounded me. Whether I knew who they were or not, looking back at the picture strikes many memories or thoughts I had in that time. I like to stroll down memory lane and reminisce of certain times of my life that are captured in a photo. Even now, though I don't do it often enough, taking pictures is still fun and I enjoy looking at them and remembering that moment in time.

The kind of pictures that I imagine taking are real life photos. I have taken a bunch of posed pictures and they are just fine for my photo albums. But I see myself taking more candid pictures and I am trying to do this more often than not. I like the look of the candid pictures much better, because of the way facial expressions look, actions are more real, people look more interesting and looking at these make me feel more when I revisit the photo. Also there is a more relaxed feeling when it is candid and fun!
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