Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Five Pictures I didn't take

In 2006 I had the pleasure of going to the Dominican Republic. While I was there I took a lot of pictures, however there are many pictures that I wish I would of taken and didn’t. The first one would be of their homes. It was truly amazing to see what people lived in. Poverty was ever where we looked and nothing signified this like there homes. The second picture that I wish I had from there would be their means of transportation. This was truly a scary sight. It was not uncommon to see a family of four on a little motor bike. The third picture that I wish I had from there would be of the open market that was on the beach. I got picture of the vendors, but not of the whole market which I regret dearly. The fourth picture I really wish I would of had taken is of this banana truck we where driving behind. Just imagine a little tiny 2 door pick up piled with bananas higher then the cab and wider than the truck. I just don't know how they got them in there like that. The weight that the bananas put on the little truck was very evident. The last picture that I whish I would of had the guts to take was of a peddler that was on the beach. His look made me uneasy and suspicious of his true intensions, but he will always stick out in my mind when I think of The Dominica Republic. I only wish I had all these pictures and more, because I know with time the memories will fade.
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