Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Why I Take Pictures/Pictures I Imagine To Take

Well, I guess I have always wanted to be a great photographer (whatever that means). I never really had a camera as a youth and when I was around 19 I finally got a little Brownie thing that I took very odd photos with...I still like many of them today. But, alas, film is expensive and processing even more so I never got to go for the gusto as I hoped.

One Memorial weekend I was ice climbing in McCarthy and wanted to have photos of the day and I put the film in my partner's Pentax camera and did everything, I thought, correctly. Took a full days worth of great photos and when we got back, realized the film had never quite caught and so I took a days worth of nothing. At that point I said no more film for me. Steve had a digital SLR Canon D30 and I bought that from him as he needed a new toy I expect. :)

Since then, I have been going crazy with digital everywhere I go and I love it. I have been doing pretty much everything on an auto setting though and would like to learn all the ins and outs of my camera and cameras in general so I can get better shots.

I imagine I would like to take pictures for myself and friends, that I would hang in my home because they are really good photos. I have no real subject matter in mind, just cool or neat things I see (whether anyone else thinks so is not important to me).
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