Monday, February 18, 2008

Week 3: Photographic Seeing: What do I see? What makes a good Photograph?

Week 3: Photographic Seeing: What do I see? What makes a good

I spend many hours this week looking for a photograph that I can turn in, however, I have found none. I have decided to choose several pictures that do not belong to a famous or professional person listed on the web site; it belongs to my brother Raymond who is a photographer. The pictures were taken in Phoenix, Az during a shooting match with guns. I thought it was great to see the bullet casings come out of the gun while being shot. is the website I have decided for the photographs and photographer for my assignment this week. When arriving at this website you’ll see a women at the front but moving down the scroll, you’ll see pictures of people shooting with their bullet casing coming out.

The reason I have decided this website is because other pictures bore me too death and I am being honest. I enjoy pictures as long as it catches my interest the first second I look at it, if not, I am bored. To me, pictures must show me something amazing, something that is hard to capture on film but captured through years of experience and patients.
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