Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Five Pictures I wish I took...

The first picture I wish I took is of Michael Jackson in his studio, listening to demos of the new songs he is making. He slowly grooves with the rhythm of the music and smiles. The second picture I wish I took of are a school of dolphins passing by a cruise ship, jumping out the water and spitting out water from their spouts; the crowds of people lining up by the starboard looking down at the passing dolphins. The third picture would be of a snow-covered pine tree and the sunlight that glitters off the snow. Some snow falls off the tree, making the branches move slightly. The forth picture would be of a dog pulling a little child on a sled through the snow. The little child has a smile on his face as he pulled, throwing snow to the side. The final picture would be of a beautiful, hillside view of a small town at night, all of the lights shining like stars.
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