Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Five Pictures I Wish I had Taken

The first picture I wish I had taken was of a situation at a Nanooks hockey game last semester. UAF's goalie was run, and the resulting pushes and shoves from both sides almost started a donnybrook. It would've been great to catch the simmering conflict in a picture, and yes, I am a hockey fan, so it would've been even better if the donnybrook had happened!

The second picture I wish I had taken was in September of last year when I was driving up to UAF with a friend. My camera battery was dead (I plugged it into a surge protector... but didn't turn the surge protector on...), so I couldn't take a picture, but we had a mother brown bear and two cubs cross the road right in front of us. The mother and cubs stopped for a few seconds and looked in our direction. She and her cubs pretty much posed. Everything about this situation screamed "You should've charged the camera, you idiot!". This is one situation I think I will never be able to forgive myself about, as I missed an incredible picture opportunity.

The third picture I wish I had taken would have to be one in which I’d have to be in two places at once. A few years back, I had a snow machine accident. I won’t go into the details, as it is a rather long story, but it ended with the snow machine almost crushing me. I was saved by a stump that I had hit my head against when I was catapulted off of the snow machine, as the giant vehicle fell and got propped up on the stump. It would’ve been great to get a snapshot of me holding my arms out as the machine fell, a picture of fear and surprise.

The fourth picture I wish I had taken was when I went climbing out at grapefruit rocks at the beginning of the previous semester, about 1 hour’s driving time north of Fairbanks. Thought I went back two weeks after that and got a picture, it wasn’t the same. I wanted a picture of the lush greenery and the pipeline, both of which could be seen for a good distance from the stop of the highest rock. Went I went back, the greenery had begun to turn yellow, and though still looking nice, it wasn’t nearly as beautiful as the scenery before.

The fifth picture I wish I had taken was at night about 1 year ago. I was driving with a friend of my to a party and as we pulled into the driveway of our destination, we saw a fox in the woods off to the left of the house, illuminated by the headlights of the car. I had a small animal in its mouth. I couldn’t tell what kind, but that still would’ve made an interesting “hunt” picture.

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