Sunday, February 03, 2008

Lsn 1

Why Do I take pictures? I have always used photos to capture a moment to spur my memory of a moment. My first camera was a 35mm I bought in Vietnam in 1968 to record as many of my moments in country as possible while doing my assigned job or on the move though out Southeast Asia. I use them to share my experience with history with those who were not fortunate enough to know that war as I experienced it. Today some forty years later, I do the same to capture and share my Alaska adventure.

With my current digital camera and its considerable technical advances over my old 35mm, I imagined being able to capture a moment on the last frontier as I interfaced with the majesty of the environment. Although I have had both success and failure in this goal, I would like to have the scene tell the story of what I felt the moment was whether shooting wildlife, snow machining, kayaking, biking or just catching a God given moment of beauty in the great outdoors. My interest is in action related subject matter and I suspect that makes me a simple and perhaps somewhat selfish point and shoot picture taker.
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