Wednesday, February 27, 2008

how to use my camera

Olympus SP-550 UZ

adjusting the ISO- Click the menu button.  Then select camera options and scroll down to the ISO command and change it as you want.

adjusting the white balance-  Use the scroll wheel to select "my".  Then click menu>camera menu> WB.  This allows you to select a preset white balance option.  If you want to create your own white balance setting, hit the custom option then take a picture of a blank sheet of paper with no shadow.  This will set the white as pure as it can get.

adjusting exposure compensation- Use the scroll wheel to select "P".  Then use the left and right arrows to either lighten or darken the image, compensating the exposure.

setting file size and compression- Press the menu button.  Then select the file output tab.  You 
can select the file size and compression type there.

setting the exposure meter- Hit the menu button.  Then hit camera menu.  Scroll down to 
metering and select the metering that you want to do.

setting macro focus-  Turn the scroll wheel to guide mode.  Then select the option "taking 
pictures of things that are really, really close/small".  The camera automatically sets itself to macro focus.

setting flash mode- Press the button with the lightning bolt on it that is located directly to the right of the menu button.  From here, you can select the different kinds of flash modes that are available for the camera.

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