Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How Does My Camera Work?

I own the Olympus FE-170, which is a digicam. It's more on the budget side, and works well for what I use it for. I visited Olympus.com to find the advanced manual for my digital camera. The manual I have isn't detailed enough. So this is how this camera works:

  • ISO
To adjust the ISO you don't do anything. This camera is set for auto (64-400).

  • White Balance
Automatic color balance. This cannot be changed on the camera.
  • Exposure Compensation
To set exposure compensation go to menu, exposure comp., and then set it with the forward or back arrows. Then press, ok.
  • File size and compression
To set your desired image size go to menu, image quality, and then select which option you want. You can choose, SHQ, HQ, SQ1, or SQ2, then press, ok.
  • Exposure meter mode
This camera didn't show how to set exposure meter mode.
  • Macro Focusing
To set macro focusing press the tulip button on the camera and you can set it for super macro which is about 2" or macro 4" close, and then press, ok.
  • Flash mode
You set the camera to the 'auto' mode which will work if in low light areas or not if in bright surroundings. You can change this setting by pressing the right arrow flash icon and then choosing red-eye reduction, no flash, flash and auto flash, then ok.
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