Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Why I take photos

An antique box camera was given to me as a child and I’ve been taking photos ever since. Reasons for taking photos have varied through the years; most of the time they have been to preserve memories. Occasionally I have been lured by the challenges of new camera technology. With increased life experiences and viewing of the photography of others, I’ve begun to see photos as a method of communication and perhaps even a legacy for future generations. The process of framing the subject, composition and lighting can make such a difference; the way several people can take a similar shot with significantly different results is fascinating to me. Recently I’ve been in contact with very skilled photographers who photos grip the viewer; they inspired me to take this class.

Photos I imagined taking:

At first I intended to take pictures that would capture people and events, to preserve the memories, but more recently I have hoped to have wider appeal. Sometimes I fantasize about winning awards. A few people have been very complimentary about some shots, which fuels the imagination. My current camera, a Konica MinoltaDimage 6 with a 12x zoom and anti-shake feature, was purchased because I wanted to take closer shots of wild animals, without the shaking, out-of-focus results of previous cameras with long zooms. My next camera will be a digital with removable lens options. In my dreams, I would love to be a photo-journalist that captures the essence of people in far away or exotic places - maybe in my next life, or my retirement! More realistically, I have had some success with photos taken at weddings. A position that I have considered seeking is the portrait photographer at a place like Sears or Wal-Mart. I love children and this could give me a professional photo opportunity, teach me some “tricks of the trade” and supplement my income. Ultimately I aspire to achieve some results that make both strangers and friends react - to ponder, laugh or exclaim in awe. Patty Meritt
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