Wednesday, February 13, 2008

5 photos not taken

Several of the photos in my memory bank that I dearly wish that I would have taken concern events during my first tour in Vietnam and in wilds of Alaska.  The first was of my squadron mate, Geoff McCarthy having battle damage which would not let the gear come down on his F-100D fighter where he engaged the barrier to come to a sudden stop gettting our unscathed at our airfield in Vietnam.  (2)The second was of myself pulling people onboard when we picked up a patrol of South Korean Marines in the Vietnamese highlands while I was flying on a U.S. Army UH-1 from the 48th Assault helicopter company out of Ninh Hoa.  (3)Another was of five pallet loads of metal caskets I observed being loaded on C-141 transport aircraft at Danang airfield for the trip back to the USA containing those less fortunate than I who served in country.  Other photos include those photos I wish I would have taken here in the wilds of Alaska.  (4)The fourth was of a large black bear and her two cubs on the shore of Lake Eyak outside of Cordova while kayaking....I did get blurry shots but missed shots of a lifetime.  (5) The fifth shot I would like to have had was during a wildfire when a firefighter tanker overflew my position near the Eielson Air Force base dropping retardant or slurry that just missed me...was too busy ducking to get the shot but it would have been magnificent.
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