Monday, February 11, 2008

Photos i wished i'd taken

1. The scenery around our cabin. There was a fire a couple of years ago that took thousands of acres around our cabin. It didn't take our cabin but did take the outhouse. I wished i had taken more pictures everything around there before that happened. It was my childhood and now will never look the same.

2. Dog mushing in the middle of the night. I never remember to take my camera with me on night runs. I would love to be able to get a shot of the dogs in front of me on a full moon night with no head lamp on. Just the illumination of the moon. See the breathes as we trot along the trail.

3. Denali Highway by dog sled. I did a race a couple years ago and was going thru the mountains as the sun was coming up. It was amazing!! I had a disposible camera with me but in the essence of the moment i didn't care. I just looked around. The colors, wow!! I don't know what else to say, hopefully someday i'll be able to see it again.

4. I went to Europe when i was 13 years old with a school group. I was actually just looking thru these photos last week and thought to myself..i wish i had known more about what i was seeing! I took a lot of photos of the two weeks i was there but i know there was so much more to take in then just what i got. As i went thru high school i learned about things i saw and i was like oh thats what that is lol.

5. Action shots. I have been working with dogs for the last 12 years now and it is hard for me to get action shots of them. I always see it happening and think wow that was awesome but never get the shot. Maybe i'm to involved in the process to hold on to the camera but maybe someday.
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