Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Five pictures I missed...

I wish I would have taken this picture of a mama moose and her baby in our parking lot, a couple of weeks ago. Too bad, it would have been a great picture of them together and in our apartment complex parking lot. Some people were outside their porches taking snapshots of them. It was awesome to see that! Word is that these two moose come into this part of town quite a bit. They were really calm and just minding their own business.

Another one is of the gorgeous Fairbanks sunrises that we get. I used to work at a clinic here in town and every time that I viewed one of these spectacular sunrises I told myself, "man I wish I had a good camera right now, it's beautiful !" You get the best picture from the roof of the clinic, but I didn't have access. I love all the many different hues of pink, orange, yellow and some purple of the sunrise. Shooting through the window would not do it justice...maybe one day...

I was at a Kutless concert at the Hering Auditorium. The music was great and the band members were playing awesome. My friends were up front, dancing, head banging and singing with the band. A picture of them up there all close to the band and squished up with everyone else, would have been a great picture. I would have loved to gotten up there to take some close ups and some great action pictures of them head banging and jumping up and down. All the energy was so great, to capture that on film or a photo would have been a good picture to have and share with them.

You know how you sit at a graduation with everyone else just waiting, and waiting? Well, this was my sister's high school graduation. Of course I was sitting with our family and pretty far from the stage. I would have liked to be right there in her face, well maybe not that close physically. But a good close up of her facial expressions as she sat waiting for her name to be called, as she got up and walked to the stage, when the principal called out her name, as she smiled, nervous looks, the handling of the diploma, and just capturing her moment of success. But unfortunately I wasn't allowed to go up that close and get in the way of everyone else's picture taking. But I know she would have loved to have those photos and my Mom and Dad too.

And lastly I would have like to take a picture of myself deep sea fishing and fighting with that halibut. I don't have any from that trip and it was fun! Also it was a big deal to me, because I had never done that before. I went with my Mom and Dad and then husband (ex now). I had the most action on my side of the boat and not many pictures to show for it. So does that count? Although I can't take pictures of myself. I wish they would have taken the pictures.
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