Friday, February 01, 2008

Week 1 Lesson


When I first started  taking photographs way back when I was a kid, it was for the basic purpose of creating and sharing memories of places I'd been or people I'd known, although there was probably also a bit of fascination simply with the process of looking through a camera and creating a picture!  Later, as I entered a career that took me to places I'd never dreamed of living, my focus shifted more toward sharing my experiences vicariously with my father, who had an endless thirst for knowledge.  After moving to Alaska, I became fascinated with the majesty of the land and the wildlife, and I wanted to take pictures that would do justice to this great place and to show people why I live here.  So I became interested in learning about the camera and how to use its many functions to take that "perfect" picture, which is quite elusive!  But most importantly, I want to have fun, experiment,  create, be more spontaneous and help the camera see what I see.  The great thing about digital photography is I can shoot and shoot and delete and delete and it doesn't cost a cent!


When I bought my digital camera I envisioned taking keepsake photos of my two  Siberian Huskies, who are like children to me.  I want to capture their action while playing with each other or while out running, skijoring or frolicking in the snow.  I also want to record the moose that wanders into the yard, the raven that lands at the bird feeder, or the owl we encounter out in the Tanana Flats while snowmachining.  I feel privileged to be living my life in Alaska, and I want to record it and share it with friends and family.  

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