Monday, February 11, 2008

Week 2 Lesson

5 Photographs Not Taken
  • When I was a child we lived in the country and my father was a caretaker/chauffeur  for an elderly lady on an estate.  My grandparents had died before I was born and the lady of the estate, Miss Edith, was like a grandmother to me.  It was a wonderful estate with a mansion-like house, barns, horses, goats, chickens and large grounds with beautiful gardens.  Miss Edith loved to walk in her gardens and pick the flowers and I would often accompany her.  I would love to have a photo of her enjoying her garden.  
  • The maid and cook for the estate was an elderly lady named LuLu, and she was often our babysitter.  She told us many great stories and was also an important part of my life as I was growing up.  I wish I had a photo of her.
  • Clyde, our first Siberian Husky, loved to porpoise through the deep snow; he was like poetry in motion, so fluid and so euphoric!  He usually did this when we were out running and we didn't have a camera with us as they were bulky then. Besides, you always think you have plenty of time to capture those moments....
  • Clyde and our Lynx Point Siamese, Winston, were great buddies.  Winston would sneak upstairs to visit Clyde and the two of them would rub their faces together, much like two cats.  It was always so much fun to watch that I never wanted to miss a moment by taking a picture.  
  • When Clyde passed away we acquired another Siberian Husky, ET, who was 12 weeks old.  Puppies do such amusing things and they all happen at the speed of light.  At that time I had a Canon G6 digital camera and the processor was so slow that I would press the shutter but by the time the photo was recorded, ET was long gone.  I missed many puppy memories with that camera!  
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