Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Why I take pictures/Photos i imagine taking

Last week I thought I had posted. Live and learn. Hopefully whoever got my comment had a good time with it!! Ha ha

Why I take pictures:
I take pictures for severalreasons. One is to remembergood times, cruises, birthdays, holidays, etc. Other pictures have beeen fo work related items. To set up menus, photos for SOPs and for advertising. I have taken photos of natural phenomenon, such as the full moon over the Tanana Valley from ridge above Ester, and of manmade delights like the fireworks at the Fair two years ago. that one became a screen saver for my cell phone.

Photos I have imagined taking:
I have a photo of my daughter when she was five years old. A friend had loaned me her 35mm camera with a telephoto lens. I focused and shot a picture of my daughter's face from avout 75 ft. away. It came out perfect!! it is the center of all my other pictures because it is so perfect and it was just a stroke of luck.
I have always wanted to take pictures like this, showing the insights of peoples faces, the expressions, the experience and innocence.
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