Monday, February 04, 2008

Mes deux paragraphes

Rocks majik

Some things really grab my eye, these I enjoy capturing by camera for later viewing or display, but always with the idea of letting someone else see what I saw. I do a lot of hiking during the summer and fall and I’m always seeing things that I would consider spectacular. Take rocks, for example, some rocks are ordinary, with no intrinsic character, having nothing to say. These kinds of rock leave the viewer unsettled, suggesting he keep going. While other rocks somehow have a kind of a magic, these rocks leave the viewer with a sense of peace and tranquility. How can that be? Well I guess you’ll have to see my pictures of rocks to find out.

When I bought My first digital camera I don’t think I had a real good idea what kind of pictures I wanted to take. I had a growing preteen son, so I new he would be the subject many of my pics. I also new I would be taking many pics for him, a kind of pictorial archive of his younger years, something he could look back on when much older. Of course, I’d been doing this for years with a film camera, but digital technology opened up new avenues of exposure (no pun intended). Now, he’s off to college and my focus (again, no pun intended) has changed. Other than rocks, I want to explore unposed human composition. I’m thinking that’s where the real drama might be. I have a hunch people will turn out to be a lot like the rocks I’ve been photographing.

Msr Philip Low

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