Tuesday, February 05, 2008

SLR or Ultra zoom?

My Son presented me with an Ultra zoom digicam for Christmas and I have a friend with a Canon SLR. We haven't had time to shoot and compare...yet, but I found a way of doing the next best thing. Steve's Digicams, a digital camera review hardware site, has reviewed just about everything digital that been offered this century. Steve does a very nice thing: he shots some of the same scenes with every camera he reviews. There's one scene in particular, a small playground in a park, that is rich in textures and colors. I downloaded this scene taken with my Ultra zoom and three taken with SLRs. I then brought them up as pairs in Photoshop, adjusted for brightness and made comparisons at 100% and 200%. I was amazed at how well the Ultra zoom did when compared against the SLRs. What differentiated the cameras more than anything else was their capturing capacity in mega pixels. Two of the SLRs were 10MPixel, one 6MPixel, mine an 8MPixel. When compared at 100% it was hard to say any one was any better than any other, at 200% the 10MPixel SLRs had a slight edge and that in detail only. This was not a perfect comparison, the scenes were shot at different times of day and at different seasons, but it's good enough to give you some idea. I was impressed how well my Ultra zoom David did against the SLR Goliaths, especially when you consider prices.
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