Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Photographic Intention: Why do you take photographs?

Week 2: Photographic Intention: Why do you take photographs?

1. I was upset when I did not have my camera working on Christmas day of 2007. The reason I was upset is because I could not capture the moment she opened her gifts with excitement and joy. She made it her business to tear each and every gift with forceful to find a surprise in each gift. The smile on her face would have been many pictures alone. The camera I had and still have has a problem of running dead when you really need it the most. I could only take a memory shot in my mind.
2. My husband, children and grandchildren love to go sliding at the UAF hill and we keep forgetting to bring our camera, disposable or digital, we forget. We would watch each other go down the big hill fast and some fall over and some don’t. If we had taken our camera, we would of gotten really good pictures of kids and adults falling off the sled and screaming as they go down, especially me.
3. I try to remember to take pictures during the World Eskimo Indian Olympics but again, I forget. The one year I wished I did but didn’t is when this man broke the record for ear weight, he went a long way and I could not get a camera fast enough to take a snap. To me, this was a big deal and I missed it, however, I kept it in my mind because that year, I too broke the women’s record for ear weight. To have a camera and take pictures of his expression on his face as he continued to walk on made me want to cry.
4. The year my father passed on, I really needed a camera to capture the moment of all those people who cared for my father. If I had a camera, I could of capture the tears, emotions on their faces, the moment of their walk as they carried him from the plane to the church, the church to the center and from the center to the burial ground where he laid. I really missed out totally on that because it would have been my memories.
5. When my family went to Beaver Creek in 1977, we went out to the woods to stay for the summer, I was at the top of the world. If I had a camera, I would of shot so much beautiful pictures that would of made many people envy of me. I got to hunt and watch wild game up and close, I took a ride on a plan, and got to swim with the fish. I land was so beautiful and the surrounding was something to die for. I have it in memory but would of rather have it on film.
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