Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Five pictures I wished I took

1 I use to work on a small cruise line called Alaska Sightseeing. We traveled up and down the inside passage from Seattle to Juneau. One day in Glacier Bay we were extremely close toa the glacier when it decided to calve. The sight of the ice falling into the water was amazing and the waves sent toward us and the expressions on all the passengers faces.

2 My daughter's high school graduation.

3 I made it to a concert in Boulder Colorado one year and saw the Rolling Stones, but the picture I wished I had took was of another band called Kansas. The organ player jumped his height and more while playing music and never missing a note or lyric.

4 Out at Chena Hotsprings at -30 in the hot tub outside. All the frozen headed patrons with smiles on their faces.

5 All of the double rainbows I have seen through out my life.
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