Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Camera Settings

I have a Canon EOS D30 which is an older 3.25 megapixel SLR camera. I got it secondhand from Steve because I wanted to learn about photography and, especially, digital. I have had it for a few years and always used it on Auto settings because I knew nothing.

I sat down the other day with the camera and the manual and learned a ton of stuff about it already. As I read stuff, I tried stuff and it was pretty neat.

1. How to adjust the ISO? Menu button on back > LCD panel > use thumb wheel to change
Also, can use the set button and make it so that the thumb wheel controls ISO.

2. How to adjust white balance? WB/AF button on top of camera > use Quick Control Dial (QCD) to choose 1 of 7.

3. How to set exposure compensation? Use QCD > Press down 1/2 way and choose + or - for over or under expose.

4. How to set file size and compression? Menu button then use QCD to select which one you want.

5. How to set exposure meter mode? Left knob > Can do 5 types - Auto, Full Auto, Auto Depth of Field, Aperature Priority or Shutter speed Priority

6.How to set Macro focusing? On the lens

7.How to set flash mode? Open flash up with button on left side near lens. In most easy shooting modes, flash is automatic as needed.

So...anyway, I got out the manual and promptly lost it somewhere in the house so I downloaded the manual in .pdf format and printed only the pages that I thought I might use.
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