Thursday, February 14, 2008

5 photos I wish I took

1.  My younger cousin was standing on a beach in North Carolina.  He was holding a wiffle bat and the sun was just setting behind him above the ocean.
2.  2 grizzly cubs wrestled playfully nearby their mother in Denali.  I happened to be on the wrong side of the bus.
3.  My twin brother was hanging from a Cherry Blossom tree during the annual Cherry Blossom festival in Washington D.C.  The Lincoln Memorial and the tidal basin could be seen in the background.
4.  At the lake behind our house, a bald eagle circled some mallard ducks, swooping in and badly wounding one.  I wish that I could have gotten a photo of the eagle the moment it hit the duck.
5.  During a cruise out of Valdez, an Orca Whale jumped out of the water so close to the boat that it splashed water onto the upper decks.  It happened so fast that I couldn't snap the photo.
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