Sunday, February 18, 2007

Three Reviews

My camera is Canon PowerShot SD800IS, it has 7.1 megapixels. These are the reviews I found:

Digital Camera Resource Page
If you want a stylish, ultra-compact camera with a wide-angle lens, then the Canon PowerShot SD800 IS Digital ELPH is definitely a good choice. In addition to its wide-angle lens, the SD800 also features Canon's optical image stabilization system. The OIS system worked as promised, taking sharp photos at shutter speeds that just wouldn't be usable on non-stabilized cameras. Image quality is very good overall, but the SD800 does have trouble with corner softness, purple fringing, and redeye. Noise levels are low through ISO 400.

The Canon SD800 is a very compelling camera that should be seriously considered if you are looking for a quality compact. The fact that it has a 28mm wide angle zoom will widen its appeal among landscape shooters. The new face detect technology together with optical image stabilisation makes for happy snapshots, whereas the wide ISO range will come in handy in indoor shots without flash.

The Imaging Resource
The Canon SD800 IS is designed for the person who doesn't want to worry about shutter speeds and apertures to get good pictures. The Canon SD800 is an excellent performer no matter what aspect you consider, with superior focusing and low light performance matched with a powerful flash that doesn't make you wait all day to recharge.
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