Tuesday, February 20, 2007

reviews on the sony dsc-w1

An affordable yet high performance 5 mega pixel digital camera that offers a Carl Zies 3x optical zoom lens. The cyber shot is a perfect camera for photographers wanting to step up to a high resolution and faster performing camera.

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The Sony Dsc-w1 blends elements from last years dsc-v1. The w1 is less complicated than the V1. the chromed 2 stage shutter release is surrounded my the mode dial. The mode dial has twelve differant positions including the playback and setup positions.


Has a more traditional shape, those who are upgrading from a film camera would be very comfortable with it. The lcd is huge and sony managed to keep all of the functions close at hand and easy to operate. Battery life is pretty good.


Overall looking at all of the different reviews the sony dsc-w1 is a good investment for anybody who is looking for a camera to just take every day pictures to photographers. It takes very clear pictures and has many different settings. It is very hard to take a bad picture with this camera. It also has effects built into the camera so you can edit them wherever you go. Also from personal use i would rec amend this camera to anybody.
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