Wednesday, February 14, 2007

About My Camera

I have an Olympus D-535 Zoom Digital that I purchased in 2005. Here are the specifics:

  1. The ISO is pretty much automatic.
  2. The color balance automatically makes settings for natural color balance. With these two topics in particular, settings are made through the camera options such as: P-Auto or Program Auto, Portrait, Landscape, Night Scene, Self Portrait, and Movie.
  3. Exposure compensation is located on the arrow pad at 12:00. You can brighten with the + value or darken with a - value, then press OK.
  4. There is an available back-up feature which copies images stored in the internal memory to the memory card.
  5. There is a memory format/card format feature that formats the internal memory or the card.
  6. Pixel mapping allows the camera to check and adjust the CCD and image processing functions. Select Pixel Mapping from the menu, located on the menu button, and press OK. Press the up/down arrows to select start and press OK.
  7. For macro mode, the macro mode shooting button is located on the arrow pad at 3:00. Press the up/down arrows to select the macro mode and select OK.
  8. The flash mode button is located beneath the LCD screen. When selected, push the up/down arrow buttons or press the flash mode button repeatedly for the desired mode. Press the shutter button half way to adjust focus, then press shutter fully to take picture.
Yes, this camera is a bit outdated, yet I am quite happy with it and it fulfills my personal requirements.
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