Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Camera Reviews for the Olympus CAMEDIA D-595 Zoom

Steves Digicams - Olympus Camedia D-595 - User Review

The 3x optical zoom produces sharp results through its range with mild barrel distortion at wide-angle and slight pin cushioning at telephoto. Some shutter lag—1/10 second when pre-focused and 4/10 second on auto focus. Good image using SHG 2560 x 1920. Outdoor images consistently sharp, well exposed, and richly saturated.

Does not feature a VGA resolution movie mode (640 x 480). Something I do not and probably will not ever use (but on Saturday by mistake had it set to that mode and caught a short clip of one of the first team from the Iron Dog race on the Tanana River coming into town.) Uses either AA or lithium. I chose it for the AA because I knew I would be on trips where I could not recharge lithium.

Sequential shooting mode captured 6 frames in under 4 seconds and took approximately 5.5 second to flush the buffer and start capturing the next sequence.

He felt the images are a bit warm but can be fixed in image editor and I have found this to be true.

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Low price, nice colors, sharpness and resolution, ease of use. Noisy ISO 400. Battery life with AA Alkaline is short when LCD is on all the time. One reviewer used the “inside glass” mode and was pleased. The X card is more expensive than other Scan Disk memory cards. A great camera for the point and shoot photographer.

1.8 inch LCD and 19 different shooting modes. A super Macro mode that allows you to focus as close at 2cms from the subject.

Layout of external controls well thought out. Easily held in one hand. Can easily change from one mode to the other.

Liked the panorama and sound movie features and commented on the plastic body. Good quality point and shoot and liked the manual features for the more experienced users.
Felt the pictures had decent quality when blown up into 11 x 14 pictures and liked the fact that it would hold a 1 GB card for holding many pictures.

One reviewer was unhappy with the camera, customer service, warranty and felt it was cheaply made.

Generally the comments from the 8 reviewers were similar and positive.

This dial is a typical feature of SLR cameras, and enables you to quickly change between the various modes. The Olympus engineers have put it in a strange place though - just underneath and to the right of the zoom buttons - which can be a little irritating when you're composing a photo. While the Olympus C-500 Zoom offers a range of shutter speeds from 15 seconds to 1/200th sec., it isn't quite so generous when it comes to apertures. There are only ever 2 choices, for example f/2.8 or f/4 when the lens is at its widest setting, and f/4.9 or f/7.0 at the telephoto setting. The most important missing feature is a histogram (both before taking a photo and after) which would be a great help in evaluating the exposure. Overall the Olympus C-500 Zoom is a simple to use and well-built digital camera that is ideally suited to photography of slow-moving subjects.
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