Tuesday, February 13, 2007

How Does my Camera Work?

The camera I own is a SONY MVC - CD200, otherwise known as a CD Mavica with 2.1 Mega Pixels, and as of today I have ordered two more digital cameras. So I will try my best to explain the process of the digital camera and its operations...

  • To adjust the ISO you first must have the camera on, then you proceed to press the button called MENU, from there you use the arrow keys above the MENU and figure from AUTO - 400 on ISO
  • I wasn't able to find anything on color balance, though it did have on menu the balance of the sharpiness of the picture
  • The exposure compensation you place SET UP, from there you go to BRACKET SET UP, then set the value of what you want to set it at, then select the mode at Camera, A, S, M or SCN
  • From setting the MODE in Camera, A, S, M, or SCN you press MENU and choose TIFF and using the arrow keys you then can record the image
  • Meter focusing you press the button the right side, one from the AE Lock
  • There was really nothing on Macro Focusing
  • Flash Mode is on the MENU board, varies on the exposure you want
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