Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Camera Specs

This is the information for my old camera which was "retired" on a fishing trip...I thought they floated...

Kodak DX4530

ISO: Auto (130-200)
Color Balance: White Balance is Auto
Exposure Compensation: Press up or down in any still menu, to highlight Exposure Compensation +/- , then press the OK button
File Size and Compression: In the menu they have a picture quality with settings for Best, Better, and Good with best haveing the highest file size. All pictures were in JPEG format.
Exposure Meter Mode: In the menu there is an option to reset the meter mode.
Macro Focus: You had one option for a macro focus, turn off the auto focus in the menu.
Flash: To enable the flash there was a button on the top of the camera that you hold down until the flash light came on.

This camera wasen't anything special...$50 at a pawn shop I main got the camera for the movie feature it took video and sound.
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