Saturday, February 17, 2007

My Camera

Alright, this is my Sony DSC-S75 from 2001 and it is a 3.3 megapixel camera.

These are the reviews I found for my camera.

DC Resources, I think, had the best in depth review for my camera.
With the Cyber-shot DSC-S75, Sony has a very competitive entry in the crowded 3 Megapixel field. The feature-set, easy-of-use, photo quality, and price are all impressive. I can definitely recommend the DSC-S75 as a great 3.3 Megapixel camera.
Like the S50 and S70 models, the S75 is an enjoyable camera to use, and its user interface and function set have something for everyone: The full-featured exposure control options will satisfy the most advanced user, while it's auto-everything "Program" exposure mode will meet the needs of the least-experienced novice. We particularly applaud Sony's new user interface design, and the inclusion of a full-manual exposure mode. All in all, the S75 is a nice compact package, representing one of the best values on the digicam markettoday.
The camera also has expanded manual controls. Aperture priority lets the photographer decide depth of field, or how much of the scene is in focus. Shutter priority lets the photographer choose shutter speed to freeze action appropriately and, with full-manual control, both aperture and shutter speeds can be adjusted to best fit picture needs.

Overall, almost all of the reviews were positive, with only a few dislikes. Picture quality was overall well liked, as well as the ease of use, and manual controls. Most of the dislikes were minor such as having an extra button and such with the exception of no zoom in movie mode.
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