Monday, February 12, 2007

My Camera and how it Works

My camera is a Panasonic (Lumix); model DMC-FZ7. The following settings are for my camera from my manual that I have been reading:

  • ISO setting is adjusted by going into the REC menu (it is the second item on the first page when you have the dial on the top of the camera to “P”) – it ranges from, AUTO to 400. It can also be adjusted from AUTO, 800, 1600 in, High Sensitivity Mode. To get here you have to have the dial at, “SCN” get into the scene menu and on page 5 select, HIGH SENSITIVITY. Once you have done this you go to the REC tab in the same menu and select, ISO SENSITIVITY and now you have the stated above ISO options (auto, 800, and 1600) for high sensitivity.
  • For adjusting the; White Balancing, there is 2 ways on my camera. The long way is to go into the REC menu (it is the first item on the first page when the dial is at “P”). It has several to chose from; auto, daylight, cloudy, halogen, and more. The easiest one is to click the up arrow button (shortcut) until the, WB ADJUST is displayed, but I found out that the COLOR EFFECT has to be turned off for the shortcut to work.
  • The exposure compensation is a shortcut item. Click the up arrow until EXPOSURE is displayed and adjust.
  • Adjusting the picture size; go to the REC menu (it is the fourth item on the first page) it ranges from 0.3M to 6M. also you can adjust the aspect ratio (this is the third item on the first page) to: 3:2, 4:3, or 16:9. And there is a setting for quality (or compression), the ranges are; standard, fine, and TIFF (this is the fifth item on the first page of the REC menu), all these go hand in hand with each other. Right now my settings are; aspect ratio 4:3, picture size 4M or 6M, and between fine and TIFF.
  • Adjusting the metering mode; go to REC menu (it is the second item on the second page), the choices are; spot, center weighted, and Multiple.
  • Macro focusing is for taking close-up pictures. To select Macro just turn the dial on top of the camera to the; “Flower” icon.
  • On this camera it is easy, because the flash flips up. To adjust the many different setting you need the flash up and by the “Menu Button” click on the right button for the different setting. I have mine set at: AUTO/Red-eye reduction.

I hope you understood all this??? This was an excellent assignment – it got me to think and force my camera to do the things that the book said it could do, which the book is not the best at explaining, but between the book and messing with the camera itself, I figured out everything. I am starting to learn where everything is and where to go to change setting on my new camera!!! Here is picture of the
camera so you can get a better ideal what the heck I am talking about and a review!!!

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