Sunday, February 18, 2007

My 3 reviews

I have found not much reviews on my Digital Camera. But so far this is the links to some reviews i have came up with. I would also have to say that that most of the sites i have been on do not have that much reviews about my camera. Here is a summary of my conclusions. My camera is good at taking photos to some extent and does not rate well in that area since you will need adequate lighting and the pics will not come out well. It is a good camera for a beginner like me and the price alone is great and the video quality is good also. The digital zoom is fairly decent but the pictures can come out blurry at times. This is a very cool product since i can take pictures, videos, and does have an MP3 built in. All the settings have the same features in a basic digital camera. It can fit in my pocket and can be taken anywhere on the go. As far as other review go, it is not really the best camera but is something to start out with before getting into buying a really good expensive top quality digital camera. It comes with built in 16 mb memory which is convienient for when you first buy the product. Actually my camera did not get all that great reviews but it is cool and is very multimedia. The photo quality is really not all that great at times. The pics can come out blurry at times such as taking action photos for if someone for a object is moving too fast. The flash is not really all that great, but works fair enough when needed when there is not enough light in the background. The resolution is good and it good for 4 X6 photo printing. The shutter speed is not all that great either and is subpar compared to a good digtial camera. Overall, It is something to start out with and is a cool thing to have. I use it quite a bit since it is fairly inexpensive especially with all the 4 x digital zoom technology and other cool features. Like i said, it is only something to play around as a beginner of getting into digital photography
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