Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Camera Settings

I own a Nikon D50 and to adjust the settings is rather easy. To adjust the ISO press the ISO button and rotate the dial on the back of the camera and what you desire. I can’t really find anything for a color balance but I did find something on white balance. To adjust the white balance press the menu button scroll down to the camera icon and select white balance or press the WB button on the back of the camera and use the dial on the back to select what you want. Exposure compensation is adjusted by pressing the +/- button next to timer button on the top of the camera while holding that down you rotate the dial to choose what you want. To adjust the image size and quality press the (Qual) button on the back and rotate the dial to go through the options and let to go to select. To set the exposure metering go to the left of the camera and rotate the dial. To set the macro focus flip the switch along the lens. The flash mode is done by going to the manual option in the menu and scrolling to whatever mode you like.
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