Wednesday, February 21, 2007

3 Reviews of my Digital Camera

The digital camera that I use is a Sony MVC - CD200 which I bought off a priest for $200 when I was living in Michigan and soon to be living full time in Missoula, Montana. I think I did a pretty good deal (steal) and here are three reviews from individual websites....

1) from
From the Sony family of three cameras, the Sony CD200 is well presented and uses CD-Rs to CD-RWs instead of memory sticks which can be a plus. The CDs can be run on any computer, and you have the option to use CD-Rs or CD-RWs which will help you either erase or keep the files on the CD after you are done using them on the computers.
The effects of being a camera of this size is that it has weight to it and too bulky to some, I have found I have enjoyed it since I go hiking and mtn climbing a lot. It most fits snugged in my backpack or somewhere in the storage bin.

2) from
The features have improved but also there are some flaws, to name a few, you have to finalize your shots before you review them on the computer if you are using CD-Rs, at times the picture itself is too bulky, or just in general using the USB Port. To some extent using the USB Port is good especially if you are using a CD-RW, which allows you to hook up to your computer and eliminate the pictures at hand.
The one proble spotted here is when to use CD-Rs and CD-RWs, especially if you want to reuse the CD, I use CD-RWs just cause Im out and about all the time.

3) from Steve Digicams
When hitting the market of a mini CD-R and RW disc in a camera Sony didn't people to purchase the camera, but with the prices down on the CDs, Sony kept solid. You are able to take pictures of the unlimited and being able to transfer them to computers with no problems. Including a USB Port to being able to hook up to any computer. Plus the battery and picture exposure are worth while since you have to pay for the CD but well worth it in the long run
There really is no problem or downside on this review, mostly it is a praise to what Sony has done to help capture the moments.
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