Wednesday, February 14, 2007

How does my camera work?

All right, so here's the skinny on using my camera... I own a Sony DSC-P200 and have had it for about a year and a half....

To adjust the ISO:

turn the dial to M, press the menu button and use the arrows to select ISO, then you have the choice of :

To adjust the color balance:

my camera does not have a setting for color balance, but it does have white balance...
keep the dial on M, press menu and select WB, there you have the choices of:
Daylight (a little sun icon)
Cloudy (cloud icon)
Flourescent (light tube icon)
Incandescent (light bulb icon)
Flash (flash icon w/ WB)
One push (sets WB manually)
One push set (use to set one push)

To adjust the exposure compensation:

I could not find "exposure compensation" however my camera did have a setting for EV, so I guess I will explain how to do that....
turn the dial to the P setting, then press menu and go to the EV list (it is a little b&W square with + and -), from there you have the choices of:
and then you can go up or down by .3 increments to +2.0ev or -2.oev

To set the file size and compression:

for my camera, to set the file size, just press the button with the checkered/trash icon (unless you are in view mode) and a menu pops up with these choices:
VGA (email)
7M (this is the highest file size)

and to set the compression, set the dial to P, press the menu button and go to the picture quality menu, and there are two settings:

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