Sunday, February 11, 2007

How does my Camera Work?

My camera is a cheap Grandvision CoolDV 550 digital camcorder and camera. The ISO on my camera is adjusted by setting the mode switch to digital camera mode. I then have to press the camera menu button and in the camera tab i have to go to Image size. There I can adjust the ISO to 640 x 480 • 2272 x 1704 • 2048 x 1536 • 1600 x 1200. The color balance is adjusted by pressing the direction button. I have to press it to the right and i will be able to adjust the color to Sunny, Cloudy, Flourescent, or Tungsten, or set to Auto to make adjustments to measure the color temperature. So i have 5 different color settings on my digital camera. The exposure compensation is adjusted by pressing the menu button in front of my camera. I then go to advance tab and use the direction button to the exposure settings. The exposure settings can be set at -3~+3. My manual notes that setting the exposure value too high can make the pictures appear over exposed. The File size and Compression is set by pressing the camera menu button and going to the camera tab and press image size. There i can make adjustments on the file size and compression of the images of my photos. The exposure meter is set under the advanced tab in the camera menu. The exposure meter is displayed to set the exposure compensation value. Positive exposure value indicates the subject taken will appear brighter than normal. The negative value will indicate the opposite. The macro focus setting is adjusted by a switch on the right side of my camera and the range is 11.81 - 15.75 in. (w). The flash mode is set by pressing the left button on the directional pad in front of the camera. There it can be set to Auto mode, where the camera will automatically measure the lighting condition, and the flash will be activated as needed. The Force mode will fire no matter hwo the lighting condition is. The flash strobe can also be shut off the if it is set in off mode. It is a pretty simple digtial camera and can take good pictures in certain conditions and settings. These are pretty much how my camera works from what i read in my owner's manual.
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