Wednesday, September 19, 2007

why photograph

The most rewarding part of taking photos is being able to decide how you want others to percieve what you are seeing. Someone might not notice how interesting something can be until you show them a different perspective. I enjoy taking photographs of anything that captivates my interest, and I almost always feel I am taking the photo because I want to share it and show someone else what I am seeing. Maybe it is some intricate pattern, or some intriguing oddity, or perhaps something awesome, where many things come together to create a unique moment which I must capture before it is gone. I like to take pictures of people quite a bit too, but I try to capture them in their act, attempting to reflect their character in the photograph. I am quite a fan of lights as well. My favorite photos always have weird colored lighting or ominous shadows, something that sets a completely surreal perspective on the world.

When I first bought my digital camera, I had really wanted one for some reason. I bought it for myself for christmas, and I could hardly keep myself from opening the box early. I remember looking through photo albums and thinking about how it brought back memories that I had forgotten. It made me worried about not remembering all the things that were happening to me at that time in life, all the people that were important to me. My family moved around when I was young and I had lost many friends whom I didn't have a single photograph of. I wanted to be able to store memories or images that I thought I would want to see a few years down the road. The first thing I photographed was some chicken nuggets that looked amazingly crispy in the toaster oven, maybe not quite memorable, but a start.
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