Monday, September 24, 2007

Photos I did not take, but wish I did......

These are five photos that I did not capture, but sure wish I did!

1.) While i was out on a camping trip, I got to watch an osprey swoop down and catch a fish. I didn't have my camera at the time, but the fish was clearly bigger then the osprey! It was incredible!

2.) One cold, dark evening, there was a full moon out. I was in the goldstream valley, on top of one of the hills, and you can see a clear view of the full-moon, in the midst of timber. It was awesome, how I wish I had my camera at that time! The sky was clear, it was gorgeous!

3.) On the river, during a boat ride, I came across a (big) black wolf drinking from the river. He stopped to look up at us, and as i dug (quickly) for my camera, he was already gone in the woods!! It would of been an awesome close-up!

4.) (One i really regret NOT taking!) My grandmother and my youngest brother playing a card game at the kitchen table. They were laughing, it was a cute-moment! I'm not sure who won the card game, but the fact they were both laughing made it special. Of course I didnt take a picture, how i wish'd i did...

5.) My little cousin, who is 1 year old, while her mom looked away, stomped through a mud puddle in her new pink pants and brand new (clean) shoes!! It was funny! Priceless! She had a smirky grin on her face, she knew she wasn't suppose to do that! It was cute!

(There are so many other incidents where I had wish'd I had my camera handy, but of course didn't!- So these are just a few!)

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