Monday, September 17, 2007

Why I Take Photographs

I take photographs so I can remember where I have been and to see how things change in the photo over time. I enjoy looking at them over and over again so I know where I have been and so I can remember why I took the photo. Taking photos is important to me because without them I wouldn’t be able to say that I have seen it for myself. I think that if someone looks at a photo it will help them see more of what is out in the world. When I look at a photo, I wish I could go to that place and see it for myself and to say that I saw it with my own eyes. When ever I go on a trip somewhere I never leave home without my camera because I don’t know what I will see or find.

Since I bought my camera, I have always wanted to take a photo of a wolf in the wild. I have never had the opportunity to do that because I have never seen one in real life. When we go camping I always bring my camera because I think I will see one and want to take a photo. That is one of my life goals to take a photo of a wolf. I have always been amazed of how they hunt and how they look and above all, how they survive in the frigid temperatures of the north.
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