Monday, September 17, 2007

Why I take Photographs

I enjoy taking photographs, basketball games, birthdays, weddings, in the car and on the street. There is a certain freedom in taking pictures of anything wherever you go. It's like exploring the world through a digital lens and sharing the photos so people can see what you did and explain what you felt and what intrigued to take the picture. I love the feeling of beiing creative. Earth is a beautiful place, and when i see bursts of color in the trees and flowers or the shapes of the clouds. the world can be confusing so taking pictures of the many dimensions of city structures and the atmosphere of the environment helps me to focus on life through reading a picture with the focus of a lens. I also enjoy throwing all my photos into a collage. I love being able to hop on the computer and create portraits and alter the images using photo shop.

I am known as the photographer of the family which makes me smile. When I was given my camera I imagined taking photos that have quality in the picture to meet what I was seeing. I have a certain confidence in the cameras that were given to me so that I know the quality of the moment will be see in a picture.I wanted to see the same colors and shadows through the camera so that I can look back and create memories with my camera and pictures to share. That in the exact second a snap can freeze the movement of time in a picture!
So far so good and many more to come!

Jaime Lowery
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