Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Why I take photographs..

Why i take photographs;

First of all, i've always enjoyed taking photos, of everything, those simple, those 'busy' to the very beautiful things... I like to capture moments and those details within it. I love taking scenery pictures, wildlife pictures, and of family. My favorite is close-up face shots of kids. I love taking close-up pictures of children, whether they're playing, crying, laughing, sleeping; i absolutely enjoy taking those shots Something about a child's emotions seem so free (and cute). My first camera, which i remember was a Kodak110, then eventually, in time i moved to a 35mm in middle school. I still own a 35mm, and take it with me on my travels... but mainly i use my canon digital elph camera to shoot my pictures. I think, most pictures have a story of its own, and that's another reason why i take photographs. I take photographs so that i may be able to share it with other people.

I look forward to class, and expanding my knowledge in photography!-tc
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