Thursday, September 20, 2007

Photographic Intentions by Marilyn

Pictures I did not take:
1). ... my wedding portraits; my mother was striken with Parkinson's disease and her wish was not to have her photo taken due to the shakes. So I honored her request for she could not stand long enough for great photo shoots.
2). ... childbirths of my kids; I have lots of pictures during and after the pregnancy... but not of the actual labor and delivery. I find it interesting how life that brings so much pain and joy, that pain should be forgotten while joy should be treasured.
3). ... childhood memories; I wish my parents would have given me a camera as a gift to capture the moments I treasured: school events/sports or after school Winter activities like ice skating on a lagoon & sledding down a steep hill. And much later in life, reminence with family & friends to remember the yesteryears with fondness.
4. ... a moose hiding behind a signpost with one eye keeping watch of traffic and the other covered by signpost as if to wait for a clearing to cross the highway. This happened this summer on our way down to Anchorage from Fairbanks.
5. ... pictures of close relatives: Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles & cousins that have gone before us. Like most people, I have regrets of not taking enough time with them and/or taken photos of fond memories to remember them by (anniversaries, birthdates and so forth); most of the time, I did not take pictures thinking it was disrespectful (especially during funerals).

I would like to learn how to capture the moments without regret, snapshots to be treasured by all. A camera will make a great jewel... and it's less expensive than a diamond!
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