Sunday, September 23, 2007

5 Photographs M.I.A.

Photographs I usually miss taking are either because the moment passed to quickly or I forgot my camera.
  1. When my daughter was just a newborn my husband was bouncing her over his head. I had the camera in my hands waiting to take wnother shot when she threw up in his wide open mouth! It was hilarious so I struggeled to take theh pick of baby vomit all over his face and he shot up to the bathroom, but I do have a pick of her amiling afterwards.
  2. This summer My step dad, Uncle and I were driving to Copper Center to go fishing trip I made sure to have my camera. I was also taking pictures with my uncles Nikkon for better quality. The drive of course was beautiful and I hadn't been through Glenallen in years. We were saving time by driving over the speed limit so I missed an awesome view of the mountains. The horizon was just clear enough to take a shot of the mountains creating a sillouhette. I didn't miss out totally because I got a darker shot from within the truck.
  3. The North American Basketball Tournament is held at the Patty Center every year in March. This past year my husband cousin who is 6'5 and 300 pounds was here to play with team. He was a top athlete and had once tried out for the NFL. During their biggest game of the tournament against Tanana HE had made the perfect dunk! This happened more than once but my camera had to slow of a shutter speed that everytime he lept in the air I would snap a a blur of him coming down.
  4. Two weeks ago I was in Delta for the big Delta vs. Barrow football game. This is the second year that Barrow has had their first ever football team and I had never seen them play. I made sure I was totally prepared for the road and the game with my Barrow Whaler cheerleading jacket, carseats, diapers, wipes and extra clothes for the kids. I haven't been to Barrow in two years so I was excited to see my old teachers and the players on the team. I also got to see my old assistant cheerleading coach. Unfortuneately I forgot my camera, and my mom just happened to rely on me for pictures so we missed out on a large group picture with the players and coaches on the field. That night Barrow won 0-48! So, all we have till the next victory we'll be able to witness are our memories.
  5. This past New Years we had a get together at the house to shoot our own fireworks for the first time. due to the trees in the back yard we had to shoot fireworks from our front yard. It just happened to be so exciting and nerve recking because of the loud noise and the neighbors being home sleeping at midnight. My uncle was a inebriated, which is always dangerous when dealing with explosives, that he set one off upside down! I stood there in the cold waiting for the next one to shoot into the air when this big explsion went off at their feet in an aray of red light! Then two fireworks rocketed into our neighbors yard and ontop of their roof! A videocamera would have been best but the aftermath of the ordeal would have made a great photo! Despite the neighborhood complaints nobody was injured.

Jaime Lowery

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