Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Why do I Love Photography?

I take pictures because I love to take pictures! I find it hard to stroll down a street without taking about a hundred pictures. In the everyday hustle of going to class, going to work, hanging out with friends, I can't help noticing things, that are unique and yet others are unable to appreciate these little things, I enjoy capturing these everyday things that go unnoticed in a way that others can appreciate.
In particular, I enjoy photographing people, and being able to bring out the beauty in each and every person I photograph. Fashion photography is probably where my interest lies most. If you look at a high fashion magazine, such as BAZAAR, and VOGUE, each and every picture is painstakingly taken with an intense attention to detail, texture, lighting, color and many other aspects.
When I bought my camera my first thought was "I'm a college student....aka, I need something inexpensive but decent." Sure I wanted to get a fancy SLR digital camera, but the reality was that I couldn't afford the camera that I REALLY wanted.
So instead, I bought an Olympus Camedia. A decent camera, fairly inexpensive and takes pretty decent pictures. I've had the Camedia for almost two years now, and I'm quite happy with its' performance. However it was brought to my attention lately by a friend of mine who's a professional photographer, and ironically my mother (who had insisted I buy the cheaper camera) that I was taking pictures that I should be taking using an SLR camera, instead of my above basic point and shoot digital camera. Eventually, I will purchase an SLR camera.
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