Sunday, September 23, 2007

5 reasons I wish I had a camera all my life

I wish I had had a camera over the course of the 8 years that I swam, to help remember all the good times with my team in practice, at meets or on the road. To capture the graceful beauty of a well orchestrated medley relay, and at the same time the utter insanity of it.

To have had a camera on my many travels through North America and Germany. The castles over there were amazing and the differences in culture was so visible, and yet at similar. Haha, I would have loved to have taken a picture of my second cousins' think that they had one and they weren't millionaires.

All the signs I saw along the road and at restaurants and stores. Some funny, some strange, and some you had to be there for. It would be illegal to take the sign, so at the very least it would have been nice to be able to take a picture of the "Family Liquor" store.

I wish I could have had a camera to take pictures of my late dog, Sunshine. She was a German Pointer/english spaniel mix(the latter not capitalized to accentuate the mix ratio between the two breeds). She liked to lay on top of her dog house like Snoopy(she was even white with black spots) and always looked noble as a lion. As a pup she would jump on people as all dogs do, but instead of kneeing her to teach her not to do it, I would catch her front paws and taught her to dance...would have made a great photo memory.

And finally, I love nature. The northern lights, eclipses, sunsets, flowers, name it i've wanted to take pictures of it. I was in St. Louis a few years ago and there was a lightning storm. Living in Alaska I have never experienced this and photos of lightning always placed me in awe. So to actually be in one was great, everytime there was a flash the choice had to be made whether to look at the lightning or check to see how much more the streets had flooded.
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