Thursday, September 13, 2007

Roger M. Marty - CIOS 258 T01 Lesson Week 1

Fall 2007

Why do I take photographs?
Mostly I take photographs for my own satisfaction. However I also take photographs to document family events be they large or small. I love taking scenery photographs of the beautiful world around us from tiny to gigantic. Wildlife and people are also favorite subjects of mine – actually anything living, plants, animals, fishes, birds and of course people. Being a pilot I also enjoy photographing aircraft any chance I get, especially the unusual machines that we do not see often. Last but certainly not least I enjoy sunrises, sunsets and the Aurora Borealis – all these are very challenging and I guess challenging is really what I like most about taking photographs.

What images did I imagine taking when I purchased my camera?Hmmm, which camera?
I will assume my latest digital, a Nikon D200. I really wanted to be able to take more professional quality photographs and while I know the camera does not make the photographs the photographer does I still hoped higher end equipment might help. I still have those hopes.
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