Thursday, September 13, 2007

Lesson 1 Project - Kathy Adams

Why I Take Photographs:

I take photographs because deep within my heart is an unquenchable passion to take pictures of the world around me and to share those pictures with my family and friends through e-mail. Every day is an adventure in my quest for finding things to photograph. It doesn’t have to be a majestic mountain or a rippling stream, although those are nice, but I like to see beauty in the “common” and “ordinary” things in life and shooting them in such a way that others see the hidden beauty of the subject. My camera is always by my side.

Pictures I Imagined Taking When I Bought My Camera:

I suppose my desire was to be able to capture God’s beautiful creation in ways that will make people stand back and say, “Wow!”. The lighting will be perfect, the colors will be bright, the shadows will be just right and everything will be in focus.
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