Monday, September 24, 2007

Pictures I wished I took, now I regret

1.) May 06,2007, place New York City.
My family & I , took a 2 weeks vacation in New York City.We had a wonderful time seeing other places & visiting family & friends. We also went to a beautiful wedding . It was a nice sunny day. I took pictures of the church , friends, family & most of all the my niece's son , who was getting married. I realized , after the wedding , when I was checking all the pictures , of the couple, were all of their back..none so ever of the front ..
I wish that , I would have gone to the front of the altar facing them. But I didn't .

2.) After the wedding , a day before we were leaving, my uncle & aunt had invited us , & picked us up from Westin hotel. They took us to New Jersey to see the casinos & played a little bit & the boardwalk. I was so busy talking that I forgot to take the picture of the place & of my uncle & aunt. I felt sad for we don't know when we are going to see them again...

3.) Another time, is when we went to Texas , visited my husband's cousin. He took us to meet with his daughter that had a beautiful house. I wanted to take pictures of the inside & outside
but I was shy to ask if she don't mind if I took a picture, I am sure she would not mind..
but I was not brave enough to ask..I really wished I did...but I didn't ..

4.) Back to New York City. I see this guy in the middle of the side street, attracting alot of attention. Lots of people gather around him. People going near him & posing with them while others took a picture.
This guy was wearing only his underwear, with a cowboy hat & a cowboy shoes...
I wanted so much to get close to take his picture but , we were rushing at that time, & we had to get into to the car right away, so we would not cause traffic.
The next day, went to the spot he was but , was not there..I was hoping now that we did not have to rush to go somewhere, I could take his picture..well I sure missed that one...

5.)Time Square, New York city. The day, we were leaving for the airport. So much was going on. There were parades & celebrities etc..I wanted to stay a little bit to take some pictures , but if I did , we will miss our flight , got to consider that , the traffic is hectic , rush hours too.
We will just have to go back & visit again hopfefully a year to come..

written by Rosario
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