Friday, September 21, 2007

five pictures i wish i took but didn't

Late january the begining of 2007 i was driving down farmers loop and turned on to Auburn road and was blinded by the beams of sun blaring off of the trees like shining an l.e.d. light into a crystle. i wish i had a camera to get that picture, it was an un forgettable sight.

in 2004 its was a sight i'll never forget; fairbanks hasn't seen an indoor skatepark in 10 years and 8 years ago is when i first had the thought of being a skater. This is when my parents started a youth group, and a youth center following. We needed something to intrest the kids in coming and hanging out, and we decided we would try to plan to build a skatepark when god helped us out in giving us revalations of things to do and putting things on peoples heart, about what they should give us. We now have a skatepark and when we were building it is when i wished i had a camera to take a 100 pictures of the process.

Irland 05' i went there on a family vacation; we went at excactly the right time because all the skateboardings and inliners were getting together for the city so they could show them they wanted a skatepark really bad and they were tired of getting kicked out of every spot they got kicked out of. Me and a few of my friends that came with me got to stand in front of 100 people and give our opinions on why we think a skatepark would be good for the small town of Portlesh. I really would have liked to had my own personal picture of us boys out in front of the comunity.

Earlyer this summer (2007) i was heading out goldstream and i saw the sun setting just behind the the hills it was a beautifull redish yellow sun set with a little pink and the clouds were so transperent with the colors blasting through, it was an awsome sight.

On several occassions i have been at Joel's Place the indoor skatepark and really wanted to take pictures of all the kids, i love them all so much; they come and go as they please in and out of town. i want to remember there smiles forever and the confrontations and the learning experiences we have all had together. it will happen soon enough.
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