Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Why do you take photographs?

I love, taking pictures of family & friends & sceneries & of anything that appeals
to me. It gave me the sense of connection & I find peace whenever I take pictures. often times ,during the summer whenever we travel with our motorhome around Alaska , I enjoy so
much just clicking away every mountains , clouds , flowers. Feeling like, I don't want to miss anyhting.

I take my pictures personally. To look back & say I was once there & the memories it brings back of family & friends how we were then at that time . to me every pictures tells alot...

My first favorite camera , was the cd Mavica Sony. It was so easy to use.Then after all the pictures taken , I remove the cd & put it on my computer. With my sofeware Picture It &
the Photoshop 5.0. I can do alot of creativity on the pictures...Many times I overwhlme myself.

I always imagined that one day , my name will be on those greeting cards & calendars.

Rosario Vaughan
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