Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Why do I take photographs?

I like capturing pictures that I can look at later and remember the fun of traveling through Europe, sharing moments with family, and watching my dog grow. I like to share pictures of where I have been and who I was standing next to (Mickey Mouse). As a child, I remember we always took a picture of our Christmas tree each year. I still do this every year. I enjoy looking at the pictures of when our house was built. How the dirt is now grass and the trees landscape our yard.

The photos I imagined taking when I bought the camera:
The rainbow that stretches from one side of the horizon to the other.
My dog catching a Frisbee.
Capturing a picture of someone doing something stupid, like getting stuck in the snow on a 4 wheeler.
Sharing photos of Alaska with my brothers and sister who live in the lower 48.
The northern lights with the vibrant green and red riboons.
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